November 2019

Ms. “if you had fun you won” Luttrell is our Employee of the Month.  She works countless hours to ensure our students have  opportunities for fitness and fun.  Thank you Ms. Luttrell for your dedication and service to Huda School and the students!

October 2019

Ms. Aamna Saleem

Ms. Saleem is not only an amazing science teacher, she is also the hard working IB Coordinator.  She works tirelessly creating an environment that teaches student to think critically and independently.  Thank you Ms. Saleem for all you do!


September 2019

Br. Sajid and Br. Fadi

Br. Sajid and Br. Fadi were voted by their peers to be teacher of the month.  They keep the school running and are here for all of us, no matter what we need.  May Allah reward them for all they do!


May 2019

Ms. Saleh, Ms. Lawal, and Ms. Hakky

These three ladies keep the school running smoothly with a smile on their faces.  We appreciate all they do!


April 2019

Ms. Sabah Moghul

Ms. Sabah Moghuls is a student favorite and was strongly recommended by them to win the teacher of the month.  Her love and care shows in her students growth and achievement.  Thank you Ms. Sabah for all you do!


February 2019

Mr. Chris Masalskis

Mr. Chris Masalskis, our Interventionist, is instrumental in helping our students succeed in academics and real world skills. He consistently analyzes data to ensure that each student is growing and striving for his or her highest potential. Thank you, Mr. Chris, for all that you do for Huda students!

January 2019

Ms. Oula Subei

Ms. Oula Subei truly works for the betterment of our children and instills the love of the Quran in their hearts. Thank you, Ms. Subei, for your commitment and dedication to Huda School! Her son, Ameen, is accepting the award on her behalf.

December 2018

Mr. Sajid Al-Hilfy

Huda School would not be able to function without Br. Sajid Al-Hilfy. He always has the students’ and staff’s safety and growth in mind. Thank you, Br. Sajid, for all that you do for us!

November 2018

Mr. Jose Vigil

Mr. Vigil does an amazing job with his students.  Thank you Mr. Vigil for your commitment to your students and going above and beyond to see them succeed.


October 2018

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Ms. Darcy Hackert

Ms. Hackert works tirelessly to build a safe, caring learning environment for her students.   Thank you  Ms. Hackert for all you do!


September 2018

Mr. Eric Wascha

Mr. Wascha always puts students first. Thank you, Mr. Wascha, for your dedication and commitment to preparing our students for success beyond middle school.

April 2018

Ms. Joanna Hanson

Ms. Hanson creates a fun learning environment full of skills necessary for our fifth graders to become successful middle schoolers. Thank you, Ms. Hanson, for everything that you do!

March 2018

Ms. Sajia Saqib and Ms. Tahany Helmy

Huda’s Preschool I team ensures that the preschoolers are ready to enter preschool II and early elementary. Thank you, Ms. Sajia and Ms. Tahany, for everything you do!

February 2018

Ms. Noor Abdelrahman

Our own resident author, Ms. Abdelrahman, creates a fun learning environment for our 3 rd graders! Thank you for everything you do, Miss Noor!

January 2018

Ms. Valerie Hanley

Ms. Hanley ensures that our students are ready with the important skills to navigate our tech-savvy world. Thank you for everything you do, Ms. Hanley!

December 2017

Ms. Hasnaa Musa

Ms. Musa is instrumental in setting the foundation for the second graders’ academic success. Thank you for all you do!

October 2017

Ms. Liala Alomari and Ms. Nilofar Rathur

Ms. Alomari and Ms. Rathur are the Toddle Care Wonder Team! They provide our little ones with the necessary skills to be successful preschoolers. Thank you, Ms. Liala and Ms. Nilofar, for all that you do!

September 2017

Ms. Kathy Robeson

Ms. Robeson is an amazing teacher that ensures that our first graders have strong foundational skills for a successful academic career at Huda. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Ms. Robeson!

May 2017

Ms. Sajida Rahmat

Ms. Rahmat is instrumental in getting our lovely pre-schoolers ready for elementary school. She works hard with all her heart to ensure that our preschoolers get a quality foundation. Thank you, Ms. Rahmat!

April 2017

Ms. Sarah Long

Ms. Long is our amazing Computers teacher. She is always willing to give a hand in every project with a smile on her face. She’s instrumental in ensuring that all standardized testing takes place smoothly. Thank you, Ms. Long, for all your hard work!

March 2017

Ms. Zarmeen Qureshi

Ms. Qureshi works hard on making sure our little Kindergarteners are reading, writing, and getting a strong foundation for their coming school years. She loves coaching volleyball and has made a great impact on our middle schoolers as well. Thank you, Ms. Qureshi, for all that you do!

February 2017

Ms. Samah Sabbagh

Ms. Sabbagh builds the foundation for our students’ success. She is an amazing Preschool teacher that puts her heart in everything she does for our students. Thank you, Ms. Sabbagh, for all that you do!

January 2017

Ms. Samar Dalati

Ms. Dalati is a phenomenal Arabic teacher that always goes the extra mile with our students. With always a smile on her face, she integrates Islam and Arabic in her lessons on a daily basis. Thank you, Ms. Dalati!

December 2016

Ms. Elizabeth Panley

Ms. Panley is the reason why our school walls look beautiful! She ensures that the students know the fundamentals of art, but always encourages their creativity. Thank you, Ms. Panley, for making our school look lovely!

November 2016

Mr. Eric Wascha

Mr. Wascha is always motivating and encouraging Huda students to work hard academically, but also stresses the importance of integrity and ethics when making decisions in everything they do. Thank you, Mr. Wascha, for being an amazing English teacher and advocate for our students.

October 2016

Mr. Khurram Wani

Mr. Wani is a student advocate and teacher that works hard to help students reach their highest potential academically and spiritually. Thank you, Mr. Wani, for everything you do for Huda School students!

September 2016


Ms. Batool Attar

Ms. Attar is a dedicated Islamic Studies and Quran teacher. She worked hard this year to coordinate the Quran department – thank you, Ms. Batool, for your hard work!